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Warehouse Design and Operations

Bisham Consulting are experts in Warehouse Design and Operations. We assess and advise on the cost, benefits and risks of automation. We also advise on sourcing suppliers, managing tenders and all aspects of project management. As a result your company will be more efficient and more profitable.

Warehouse Design and Operations: Overview

Bisham Consulting’s team includes highly experienced warehouse design and operations consultants. Our team have previously all held senior operational roles in the industry. As a result they are able to provide extraordinarily cost-effective solutions.

The range of warehousing solutions that Bisham Consulting provide is enormous. At one end of the scale we analyse live warehouse operations and provide solutions for improving warehouse efficiency. At the other end, we supply complete warehouse design and implementation of automated high bay operations. So our entire team is focussed on increasing your performance and profitability. Most useful of all is that Bisham consultants are able to provide third party independent advice on all aspects of warehouse design.

  • We help with warehouse management systems and operations including Mechanical Handling Equipment.
  • We massively improve your racking layout so you see better efficiency and cost savings.
  • In addition, our team are experts in automation and mechanisation. As a result, space will be maximised, time will be saved and wastage will be reduced.
Warehouse Design and Operations

Warehouse Design and Operations: Service Elements

Warehouse Design and Layouts.

  • Our team develop complete new warehouse sites. We maximise the use all ground space and all available height. In addition we ensure the best possible logical traffic flows for best possible performance. Why? Because so much of the profit is in the last few percent of efficiency.
  • Bisham help with design and modifications to conventional and automated warehouses.
  • We specialise in optimising the cost of space, equipment and labour. As a result, you achieve greater productivity and time saving.
  • Building in flexibility and growth potential is important so that your business can easily expand in the future.
  • We remodel existing operations in order to cope with changes in throughput and stock profiles.
  • Improving overall warehouse layout efficiency will keep costs down.
  • Checking routes, storage densities and material handling equipment options are equally important. In addition we advise on the ergonomics of all of your manual operations.

Automated and Manual Handling Systems.

  • At Bisham, our total focus is on improving your operating efficiency.
  • To achieve this we analyse all costs, all benefits and, most importantly, the risks as well.
  • Our commercial solutions will make the best use of your existing resources and capital.
  • We identifying cost savings.
  • Our team will massively improve customer service so you get more repeat business.
  • Finally, we advise in the sourcing of suppliers, managing tenders and help with the final implementation.

The Project Management Benefits of working with Bisham.

  • Works programming will result in massively improved performance.
  • Budgetary control will mean better profitability.
  • Integration of contractor’s activities will reduce wastage.
  • Implementation including recruitment, training and support will help you achieve better results at a much lower cost.

Examples of some of our warehouse design and operations projects:-

Warehouse Design: 35,000 square metre warehouse.
This particular case involved the design of a new 35,000 m2 for a major retail food chain. Our brief included:

  • Designing separate compartments to accommodate food products at various temperatures.
  • Provision for ambient, temperature controlled fresh foods and vegetables.
  • Specification of all freezing and cooling equipment.
  • Complete design of loading docks for cross docking.
  • Design for incoming traffic and despatch to allow for external traffic flows and parking.

Warehouse Design: 30,000 Pallet Capacity Warehouse
This particular client required identification of the optimum location of the site. In addition it was vital to get the optimum shape and height.

Project Management of a 32 Metre High Automated Warehouse.
This involved the project management of a 32m high fully automated storage and retrieval facility. We specified a double-decked crane system capable of achieving a throughput of 20,00 units per hour. This was the first such system ever built in Europe. It is worth noting that this massive project was completed both on time and on budget.

Operating Efficiency Review of an Automated European Distribution Centre.
This case was an efficiency review of an existing fully automated storage and retrieval facility. The centre provided high bay pallet storage coupled with a tray system for small items. Conveyors were used for both packing areas and end sortation. The project included re-engineering of all systems and setting up a mathematical model for manpower planning and improved productivity.

Redesign of Raw Materials Stores.
This involved the storage of several different pallet sizes. In addition there was varying stack height capabilities to serve a high speed processing and packing operation.

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