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Transport Consultancy

Transportation Consultants and experts in Transport and Distribution Optimisation. We help improve transportation efficiency and effectiveness for our clients across all transport modes.

Transport Consultancy: Overview

Bisham Consultants provide Transport Consultancy for national, regional or global setups and incorporate all forms of transport. Bisham has a flexible approach. We can consultant help from ‘light- touch’ to ‘heavy-lift’, dependent on your requirements. How do you know what is right for your organisation? Well, in general, our clients call us in if they can say a clear "NO" to at least one of the following questions:

  • Do you have a published transport management strategy?
  • Is it consistent with the overall business objectives?
  • Are you satisfied that your present freight spend is fully optimised?
  • Do you feel fully in control of your present freight spend?
  • Are your logistics service levels meeting your customer’s requirements?

We think the results we achieve for our clients speak for themselves.

Bisham's clients enjoy transportation savings of typically between 10% and 30% on delivery cost savings alone. The impact on the bottom line of those savings is huge.

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Transport Consultantancy in the UK and across Europe

Making a difference.

  • Our Transport Consultancy services start with a health check of existing arrangements. 
    • Are appropriate modes in use and are management processes robust?
    • Are service requirements defined & are they being met?
    • Is the transport network cost & service optimised?
    • What is the data collection like? e.g. measurements, KPI’s, financial reporting & budgeting.
  • Transport management strategy
    • Adapting to changes e.g. new markets, new products, new sourcing
    • Retaining procurement flexibility but leveraging global spend
    • In-house capability versus out-source, 3PL or 4PL solutions
    • INCO terms for inbound & outbound shipments
    • Role of IT in automating processes and improving administrative efficiency
  • Transport Network Optimisation
    • National, regional or global network design
    • Impact of improved planning, mode changes, routing changes or infrastructure rationalisation
    • Improved vehicle utilisation and load-fill
    • Scenario modelling and total cost comparisons
    • Cross-border flow efficiencies
  • Transport Procurement
    • Tender management – domestic road transport to global freight forwarding
    • Fleet management – procurement, leasing & maintenance services
    • Selection of appropriate potential suppliers through an RFI
      Design, structure and detailed specification for a formal RFQ tender
    • Analysis of bid responses
    • Contract & service level agreement support
  • Project management & Implementation
    • Project management support for operational changes
    • Accompanying IT requirements e.g. TMS
    • Change management planning
    • Measurement of savings
    • Ongoing advice on transport arrangements
    • Interim transport management or recruitment support

Transport Consultation: The Client Benefits

Bisham clients have enjoyed some or all of the following long term benefits:

  • Cost saving delivery (10% - 30%) through:
    • Optimizing transport networks & improving fleet utilization
    • Improving planning processes
    • Ensuring effective procurement of transport providers & improving audit processes for carrier charges
    • Creating an internal function that can deliver continuous improvement in transportation
  • Improving supply chain visibility through:
    • Shipment status updates
    • Proactive exceptions reporting
    • Introduction of improved supply chain IT
  • Improving supply chain responsiveness and flexibility through:
    • Process re-design
    • Organizational changes
    • Implementation of IT improvements
  • Improving reliability and customer service levels through:
    • Introduction of a proper performance management regime
    • Service level agreements, (SLA) with carriers
    • Key performance indicator (KPI) implementation
  • Improved financial management of freight spend through:
    • Visibility of costs at shipment or transaction level
    • Cost to serve information
    • Improved budgeting processes
    • Accurate monthly reporting of freight spend & explanation of variances to budget
    • Improved freight bill audit & checking processes