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Supply Chain Strategy

Bisham Consultants are experts in Supply Chain Strategy. We focus on strategic assessment and design, accounting for costs. service objectives, return on investment and risk.

Supply Chain and Logistics Strategy: Overview

Optimising the supply chain strategy involves taking a holistic approach. It means being able to consider a wider scope, not just considering transport and warehousing but sourcing, route to market, demand and inventory planning and order to cash processes. As a result, this requires a multi-discipline expertise, provided through a Bisham team of consultants and associates. Each one has direct experience in a particular sector.

  1. Does your present supply chain support your general business objectives or is it inhibiting your business performance?
  2. Will your future needs require changes to existing supply chains or the establishment of new ones?
  3. Is there waste and inefficiency in the supply chain, which can be reduced to improve financial returns?
    • excessive or inappropriate inventory
    • poor service levels inhibiting sales growth
    • inefficient transport spend
    • inefficient use of labour & resources
    • Inefficient physical infrastructure, (wrong size, place)
    • lack of innovation or use of latest technologies
Supply Chain Strategy

Supply Chain Strategy: Service Elements

  • Supply Chain Strategy Review
    • End to end process mapping & review
    • Value Stream mapping
    • AS-IS state diagnostic
    • Improvement potential
  • Supply Chain Design & Modelling
    • Supply Chain configuration options, applied generally or to specific flows
    • Incorporating results from inventory and network modelling
    • Cost and Service level trade-offs
    • Sourcing analysis based on total cost of supply
  • Inventory Management & Demand Planning Optimisation
    • Demand forecast review & demand management analysis
    • Inventory analysis
    • Inventory level optimisation
  • Network Optimisation (see Network Optimisation)
    • Review Strategic Delivery Plans for existing own-fleet operations
    • Physical Infrastructure Review and Potential Rationalisation
    • General what -if Scenario Modelling
  • Supply Chain Strategy Formulation
    • Structured workshop to capture current gaps & characteristics required of a future supply chain
    • Incorporation of modelling results, as appropriate
    • Creation of a new or amended supply chain strategy
    • Implementation view and key challenges
    • Design of appropriate KPI regime

Our experience in Supply Chain Strategy has obvious links into the other services Bisham offer, all of which can be within the scope of a supply chain optimisation project.

Supply Chain Strategy: Client Benefits

Bisham’s consultants have conducted many optimisation projects in the UK, Europe, US and globally and within a range of market sectors. These projects have delivered the following benefits to our clients:

  • Optimised supply chains
    • Optimised for the service/cost trade-off determined by the business
    • Reduction in inefficiency and waste
    • Improved cost performance &/or service level delivery
  • Improved flexibility and responsiveness
    • Improved planning processes
    • Automation of processes through IT
    • Integration of operational processes & improved information sharing
  • Improved, (fact-based) decision-making
    • Supply chain models embedded in the business e.g. cost to serve
    • KPI suite to drive continuous improvement of supply chain performance
    • Ability to maintain optimisation level as business changes
      Improved cost visibility

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