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Supply Chain Procurement

Bisham Consulting are experts Supply Chain Procurement. We evaluate procurement strategies, processes and models which maximise the contract value.

How we can help.

Bisham’s strategic and tactical supply chain procurement experience is vast. Our expertise in Retail, Manufacturing, Wholesale and 3PL Companies will enable your business to move to the next level.

  • Outsource parts of your current business
  • Renew outsourcing contracts through market testing
  • Maximise the value of current contracts through collaborative working, or
  • Completing a procurement sector by sector review and analysis to increase value and reduce costs

As a result, Bisham’s consultants can provide those skilled resources that are essential to driving your business forward.

Moving your company to the next level

  1. Are you planning or about to make a major change in your supply chain? Will this involve the outsourcing of major service elements of your business?
  2. Are you satisfied that your procurement element of the plan is robust? Have all the supply side risks been identified, mitigated and business continuity protected?
  3. Do you believe that you could procure your goods and services for better value?
  4. Have you the in-house skills to complete the necessary analysis? Understanding the huge number of transactions that make up the supply chain and putting that data into succinct business decisions is crucial?
Supply chain procurement

Service Elements of the Supply Chain

  • Rapid Diagnostic Check of existing arrangements; current supply efficiency; outsourcing plan assessment
    • What is the current strategy, why and what is changing?
    • For Procurement sectors: what are the supply arrangements, what stocks are held, what are the KPIs measuring?
    • Are appropriately experienced resources in place to manage the procurement or outsourcing and the necessary changes?
    • Has a detailed risk assessment of current procurement arrangements been made?
  • Outsourcing Planning
    • Help with finding and qualifying additional suppliers
    • Assistance in structuring the overall project timings and work-streams
    • Build the consistent data requirements for suppliers to evaluate and for you to evaluate their responses
    • Build the Invitation to Tender (ITT) documentation
    • Agreements to evaluating the ITT responses
  • Procurement Reviews
    • Review current procurement supply chain
    • Help with finding and qualifying additional suppliers
    • Perform market testing of current contract terms
    • Assess the risk of changing suppliers
    • Work with the client to plan and manage any changes
    • Assess the right levels of stock to hold
  • Risk Assessment
    • Identification of change risks
    • Creation of strategies, plans and actions to eliminate or ameliorate risk factors
  • Project management & Implementation
    • Support for ITT and contract documentation
    • Project charter, project tracking, reporting tools & managing issue logs
    • Chairing formal project reviews and running ‘Lesson learnt workshops’

The Benefits of Excellence in Supply Chain Procurement

Bisham’s consultants have successfully completed many Supply Chain Procurement reviews covering a whole range of products and services. In our Outsourcing Reviews our clients have enjoyed the following benefits:

  • Open and honest external view of change risks
    • Benefit of lessons learnt from consultant’s previous projects
    • Neutral & independent risk assessment of existing plans
  • Robust implementation plan where appropriate
    • Professionally managed by trained project manager
    • Project governance structure and issue escalation
    • Incorporation of a change management strategy
  • Safe ‘Right First Time’ implementation
    • Creating a safe route to the future state
    • Minimizing project and operational risks
    • Contingency planning to ensure unforeseen issues are dealt with quickly and effectively