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Supply Chain IT Applications

Bisham Consulting are experts in Supply Chain IT Applications. We help our clients improve supply chain efficiency, reporting and control.

How Bisham can help.

Improvements in Supply Chain IT Applications mean far greater profitability for those companies that embrace technology early. Recent technology advances are enabling companies to achieve a major competitive advantage. At Bisham, we have vast experience in this area meaning better efficiency and lower cost for our clients. Our expertise covers a wide range of IT systems and an even wider range of applications. So we use the very latest technology to achieve improvements in efficiency in every area. This includes warehouse management and control, transport management, in-cab, inventory planning, order management, network planning and business intelligence systems.

  1. So are you satisfied with your existing Supply Chain IT applications?
  2. Does your supply chain IT support your supply chain strategy?
  3. Are you actually getting the best out of your existing IT systems?
Supply Chain IT Applications

Service Elements - the things that matter.

Health check of the existing IT environment

  • So what IT do you currently have in place in the supply chain?
  • How do these IT applications rate in comparison to alternatives available in the market?
  • Are these systems sufficiently integrated?
  • Are there key functionality gaps?
  • Supply chain IT strategy
    • Automation of key processes.
    • Improved planning and resource management.
    • Creating a data-rich environment to support business planning & operational improvements.
    • Creating supply chain visibility.
  • Business requirements formulation
    • Workshop based approach to creating future state operational concepts.
    • Defining the business’s supply chain needs in business terms.
    • Creating future state optimised operational process maps & workflows.
  • Application Selection & Procurement
    • Producing a supplier specification based on defined requirements.
    • Managing an RFI and/or RFQ process.
    • Selecting suitable IT supplier bidders.
    • Selection criteria for sourcing.
    • Recommendations & support for final sourcing decisions.
  • Project management & Implementation
    • Project management support for IT delivery.
    • Due diligence of UAT & volume testing plans.
    • Management of change requests.

So what are the client benefits?

Bisham clients have enjoyed the following benefits from our supply chain IT projects;

  • Creation of strong foundation for IT implementation
    • Clearly defined operational concept based on a firm understanding of existing business processes & defined future needs
    • Clear IT strategy to support supply chain improvements
  • Neutral and independent approach
    • Validate the approach taken by selected IT suppliers
    • Ensure clients operational concept for future state is not compromised during the implementation
  • Safe ‘Right First Time’ implementation
    • Practical and realistic implementation plan
    • Contingency planning in event of unforeseen problems
    • Professional project management or expert support to clients own project manager