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Project Management and Implementation

Bisham Consulting are experts in Project management and Implementation. From concept design and planning, through to resourcing, set up and management to fulfilment.

Project Management and Implementation: Overview

Bisham Consulting has extensive experience in Project Management and Implementation; over 30 years in fact.

Our background in 3PL operations and experience of implementing supply chain transformations mean we can deliver real tangible benefits. Implementing major changes in a complex supply chain inherently bears a risk.

Getting ‘it right first time’ and avoiding business disruption is what makes us special. Some starting questions from the lessons learned over the past 30 years include:

  • Are you planning or about to make a major change in your supply chain?
  • Are you satisfied that your plan is robust? Have all risks been identified and mitigated and business continuity protected?
  • Would your existing transformation strategy and plans benefit from external independent scrutiny?
  • Is everyone on board and are your team meetings moving you closer to your corporate objectives?
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Control Processses and Service Elements

  • Health check of existing arrangements. A transformation plan assessment to save time and money
    • Are end-state logistics solutions sufficiently well-defined? Are they well understood by all team members?
    • Is the transformation planned in sufficient detail?
    • Are appropriately experienced resources in place to manage all the necessary changes?
    • Has a detailed risk assessment of logistics changes been made?
  • Transformation Planning. The Project Plan.
    • Structuring of overall transformation project and workstreams.
    • Sequencing of operational changes
    • Defining key dependencies between workstreams and operational tasks.
  • Change Management. Monitoring and Control.
    • Assessment of the change management environment and impacts on existing plans
    • Stakeholder mapping, communication plans, roles and responsibilities
    • Creation of an accompanying change management strategy to ensure success
  • Risk Assessment
    • Identification of transformation risks
    • Creation of strategies, plans and actions to eliminate or ameliorate risk factors
  • Project management and Implementation Phase.
    • Project management support for operational changes
    • Project charter, project tracking, reporting tools & managing issue logs
    • Interim operational management, (if required), through transformation through to steady-state
    • Chairing formal project reviews and running ‘Lesson learnt workshops’

Project Management and Implementation: Client Benefits

Bisham’s consultants have implemented a wide variety of supply chain transformations. These include implementing new distribution centres and closing old ones, to major transport operations, to supply chain process re-engineering and related IT aspects. In these projects, our clients have enjoyed the following benefits.

  • Open and honest external view of transformation risks
    • The benefit of lessons learned from the consultant’s previous projects.
    • Neutral & independent risk assessment of the existing plans.
  • Robust implementation plan
    • Professionally managed by a trained project manager.
    • Project governance structure and issue escalation.
    • Incorporation of a change management strategy.
  • Safe ‘Right First Time’ implementation
    • Minimizing project risks.
    • Contingency planning to ensure unforeseen issues are dealt with quickly and effectively.
    • Creating the safest route to bring the project to its completion.
  •  Bring the project to life and deliver on time and on budget
    • Our 30 years of experience in project management and implementation is part of what we bring to the party.
    • We will bring independent third party objectivity to your project whether it is already underway or not yet started.
    • Honest and challenging advice from experts in the field that will help you deliver the project faster and with total confidence.