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3PL and 4PL Outsourcing

Bisham Consulting are specialists in 3PL and 4PL Outsourcing. We focus on strategy evaluation, market assessment, and management of the entire tender process.

3PL and 4PL. What makes our consultants unique?

The difference between 3PL and 4PL are discussed in great detail on the forums. We all like labels but sometimes the definitions overlap. This is certainly true of evolving terms like 4PL.

Warehousing and distribution are easy for us to get our heads around. We need to keep track of stock, order more stock in a timely fashion and arrange the transportation.

3PL takes this to the next level. It offers the distributor internal warehouse Management Systems that will manage the key areas;  inventory, orders and shipping.

4PL will do all of this but again take it to the next level. Now you get financial and customer services, key data and state of the art IT solutions. The objective is to provide data so that the business can focus on steering the ship rather than chasing its tail. Pardon the mixed metaphors.

Of course, this is only an overview and 4PL goes much deeper. Essentially the aim to optimise efficiency and reduce outgoings. I'm sure you will agree this is a worthy aim.

3PL and 4PL Outsourcing
Bisham Consulting: 3PL and 4PL experts.

How our consultants can help.

At Bisham, we believe in a return on your investment. Our 3Pl and 4PL outsourcing have one simple objective. That is to make sure that for every pound or Euro you spend, you get far more than one pound or Euro profit.

We specialise in strategy, evaluation and tender process management. Our knowledge is based on hundreds of procurement and logistics contracts as former Commercial and Operations Directors. So as 3PL and 4PL Outsourcing  Consultants, we can now secure superb deals and incredibly effective results for our clients. We believe that outsourcing to a company like us can totally transform your performance.

Bisham Consulting provides game-changing expertise and resources.

Usually, this in areas where a client does not have the knowledge, the capital or time to do it themselves. Every service and facility can be provided. So our focus is always very clear. We establish precisely what you need to move you from where you are now to where you want to be. To achieve this we dovetail our management and all of our resources into your company as if it were your own department.

So we believe we can deliver major improvements that will quickly impact on your bottom line.

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What our experience means for you.

We offer a range of 3PL and 4PL services from:-

  • Outsourcing management strategy development.
  • Assisting with tender specifications, selection and evaluation.
  • Contract negotiations and implementation management.

Tasks include:-

  • Tender management process to improve speed.
  • Data collection and validation so you get better accuracy. It's hard to manage the things you know about. It's even harder to manage the things you don't know about. Accurate data puts you in control. Using that data wisely impacts immediately on the company's performance.
  • Evaluation of operating and capital costs and service performance. This is a critical element in the assessment process, most importantly because it means bigger profits.
  • So this will ensure there is a genuine cultural fit between the contractor and the client.
  • Getting a competitive advantage is everything. Small improvements on the margin can quickly lead to massive benefits. If you are just 1% better than the competition, it will translate into far more than a 1% increase in business.
So what are the client benefits?

SAVE TIME: Our practical experience operating on both sides of industry eases the path to a workable outsourcing management solution.

IMPROVEMENTS IN EVERY SECTOR: So maybe you do not have the knowledge or maybe you don't have the time. Bisham can help you decide what you need (the Strategic Decision). We identify who might collaborate with you and provide the service (Knowledge of the Market Providers). Finally, the all-important RFI (Request for Information) process.

VISIBLE RESULTS: We then help you to structure the tender for the services. We manage through the Procurement (ITT process) and build and negotiate a workable contract.

INCREASED PROFITS: Setting up 3PL and 4PL outsourcing contracts that will genuinely work requires both focus and attention to detail. It's well worth it. That's because the results will impact almost immediately on company profits.

SHARED EXPERTISE: You get all the benefits of our expertise. Bisham has Directors and Consultants with 30 years of experience in successfully establishing and implementing outsourcing contracts. So you know you're in very safe hands. You know we can deliver the results you are looking for.