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Retail and Wholesale

We are Supply Chain and Logistics Consultants who have been in business for over 25 years and have a very successful track record and a high rate of repeat business.


The Logistics and Supply Chain Consultants at Bisham Consulting have vast experience in the retail sector and include former heads of retail and wholesale operations. Our sector expertise includes food, food services and catering, non-food, apparel, DIY and builders merchants, department stores, CTNs, convenience stores and petrol forecourts. In addition, the team employs former operational and commercial directors of major third party contracting businesses with experience of retailing operations across Europe.

We have experience of:-

  • Running warehousing operations
  • Transport, parcels and home delivery operations
  • IT systems and inventory functions.

This wider business perspective ensures that we offer commercially sensible solutions which recognise other business priorities and trade-offs.

Retail and Wholesale

Retailing Projects

Grocery – 10 Year Regional Distribution Centre Network Configuration Strategy

Our client was looking for the optimum logistics network configuration strategy over the next 10 years taking into account the high store service level proposition, store, sales and inventory growth, Regional Distribution Centre capacities and the need to minimise operational and capital costs. The work involved modelling trade-offs in the network, transport planning and trunking, RDC network and new warehouse design, capital and operational budgeting and implementation planning.

Apparel – Pan-European Due Diligence

Bisham Consulting’s role was to undertake a logistics and supply chain due diligence on a vertically integrated manufacturer and retailer of apparel on behalf of a private equity investor. The challenge was to model the network with limited information while still identifying sensible cost savings opportunities. The estimates were checked against the evidence of operational visits and the development plan was duly implemented.

Convenience Stores – Buying Price Comparisons

The client was merging two separate operations and wanted to establish whether it was more efficient from a cost and service perspective to run its own centralised logistics or contract out to wholesalers. In making the assessment, a comparison was made of the whole-life buying and logistics costs of comparable skus from a 10,000 sku catalogue. At the same time, the existing logistics operational plans and alternatives were reviewed for cost and practicality. Our recommendations helped the client save millions.

Petrol Forecourts – Network Planning and Costing

Bisham Consulting’s role was to act as ‘honest broker’ and develop a cost efficient logistics plan for this joint venture contract in forecourt retailing. The project involved assessing the impact of growth plans and identifying the optimum operational solution at least cost. Agreement was reached on pricing and the plan was implemented and is operating well.

General Merchandise – Rationalising Logistics in Ireland

In common with many other retailers, the client had run separate logistics north and south for its various operating companies. The improved security situation provided an opportunity to rationalise the existing operations and achieve a more cost effective service while improving lead-times. The challenge was to integrate the operations in a practical way which cut costs while maintaining flexibility for what are very different retail models.

Clothing – 7 Year Warehousing Strategy and National Distribution Centre Design and Build

Bisham Consulting developed a 7 year warehousing strategy for this fast growing retail business. We looked at cost and capacity trade-offs for regional and national warehousing and considered the effectiveness and capacity constraints of the existing operations. The decision was taken to develop a new National Distribution Centre. Bisham Consulting has completed the operational design and implementation plan, specified the equipment and evaluated and selected the suppliers in support of our client.

Discount Retailing – Transport and Warehousing

Bisham was responsible for developing a 5 year logistics strategy with the client which included a review of transport delivery costs and handling methods. The work also involved a plan for the total refurbishment of the NDC. The resulting project was planned in phases over two years to avoid disrupting store service and was successfully implemented for a fraction of the cost of the proposed alternatives.

Clothing and Accessories – Outsourcing Programme

Bisham Consulting reviewed the future warehousing and transport requirements of this high street retailer and formulated a plan to contract out the operations to a third party which offered a lower cost logistics solution. We project managed the subsequent implementation and assisted with the contract and tariff negotiations using our extensive commercial experience in the field. Bisham Consulting was also actively involved in supplying interim management to help with the IT implementation and merchandising process development.

Home Shopping Fulfillment – Automation Project Management

The client’s business strategy called for the implementation of a new automated warehouse to cope with planned growth. The team were responsible for project management and budgetary control in liaison with the client management, the building contractors and the equipment suppliers. It was a project delivered on time and on budget.

Grocery – End-to-end Supply Chain Review

The Client wanted to develop a model of its costs and potential for savings in an end-to-end review of its existing supply base and distribution operations. Bisham Consulting were selected to model the business and to consider the impact of growth. The most significant challenge was to identify and validate sufficient quality data to deliver a meaningful result. We developed a cost-to-serve model supported by operational visits and reference to operating costs and KPIs. Various options were modelled and the most practical solutions and cost savings opportunities identified. The project is now in implementation.

Fashion Retail – Capacity Reviews and Outsourcing

Our client was enjoying a rapid growth phase in both the retail market and with their e-tailing business, but was concerned about whether there was sufficient capacity in the network to cope with the business. We looked at the capacity limitations of the network and modelled the impact of seasonal and future growth by category in inventory, sku churn and throughput. Our findings resulted in the urgent development of new facilities in time for peak trading when the logistics operations faced a real risk of grinding to a halt. We assisted the client in selecting appropriate third party contractors, contract negotiations, and project managed the implementation including the specification and introduction of new software to run the operations.