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We are Supply Chain and Logistics Consultants who have been in business for over 30 years. We have a very successful track record and a high rate of repeat business.

Manufacturing Logistics Consultants

Historically, the supply chain in the manufacturing industry has been less developed than in other sectors. Unfortunately, logistics has not always been represented as a core function within the business.

However, in recent years this has begun to change.

Many regional or global manufacturers are starting to tackle the issues of optimising their supply chain. The emphasis is on improved internal collaboration within the group and creating supply chain data. So all of this data can then be used to create better cost management. This is often known as, “lean manufacturing”.

All of this will help to drive massive improvements in manufacturing operations.

Gaining a competitive advantage is the key. Improving customer experience soon translates into improved profits.

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Bisham Manufacturing Logistics Consultancy.

Bisham Consulting has worked with a wide variety of manufacturers and distributors.

We have consulted both in spare parts and aftermarket supply chains but also in ‘inbound to manufacturing’ supply chains. Some examples of the type of projects we have undertaken in this sector are detailed below.

  • ‘Rapid Diagnostic’ operational reviews. This is to identify process productivity as well as conformance issues within logistics physical operations.
    One area where fast improvements can be made is a review of the suitability of the existing IT systems. Recent changes in technology mean cost-efficient solutions can give an almost immediate ROI.
  • Distribution Centres design and layouts. The opportunities here are vast. Sizing buildings, checking racking layouts and types, and looking at resource models are vital. It’s fair to say that the business model that can’t be improved is yet to be invented.
    We will also look to make advances in material flow capacity, storage density and creating a safe working environment. Finally, we review operational costs, operational flexibility, and stock rotation.
    Each one offers the opportunity to cut costs and drive up productivity.

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Consultancy services for manufacturing logistics. Where else can we add value?

  • Supply chain infrastructure reviews.
    Here we look at the existing infrastructure and locations. We review costs, performance and the site location.
    Our consulting expertise means we can create optimised future models based on the lowest cost/service – level trade-offs. This will include the optimal location and design of a single European and single US-based Distribution Centre.
    In all these projects, we include an implementation strategy, which incorporates all of our operational experiences. So this helps to mitigate the risks of supply-chain improvement.
  • Supply chain IT specification & procurement.
    Creating a functional specification for a global transport management system is key. We select TMS applications for consideration and then we manage the selection process.
  • Global Transport Strategy Review.
    Here we review existing strategies, improve processes and performance.
  • Our skill sets include creating global air and ocean freight RFQs. We will design and write the RFQ, create a global logistics dataset and select prospective bidders.
  • We will then evaluate the RFQ responses and project manage the selection process.

    These are just some of the ways we can help manufacturers achieve a world-class service. And in the process gain a major competitive edge.

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Logistics and Supply Chain Consultants: Experience you can trust

“Bisham used their experience & expertise to ensure we sourced the right partner and took a safe path through supply chain transformation, which ultimately allowed us to meet our strategic supply chain objectives”

Justin Porter, GM Finance & Operations 

Pioneer DJ Europe

“Brammer has worked with Bisham Consulting on a number of projects over the years. I have invariably been delighted with their approach and the quality of their output. Bisham Consulting has supported Brammer on new warehouse design and delivery, the implementation of warehouse systems, and facilitated the definition of supply chain strategy. All the members of the Bisham Consulting team that we have worked with, and continue to work with, are experienced and pragmatic. They are intellectually rigorous, but with a real-world approach to solving sometimes very complex problems.”

Nigel Trend, Director of Business Integration


Bert van den Berg, Service and Parts Development Director
Hiab USA Inc.

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