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We are Supply Chain and Logistics Consultants who have been in business for over 30 years. We have a very successful track record and a high rate of repeat business.

Healthcare and pharmaceutical consultancy: An Overview

The Healthcare and pharmaceutical sector face numerous supply chain challenges. It’s a long list that includes:

  • Product perishability.
  • A wide range of products sourced from many global locations and the associated cargo risk.
  • Regulatory compliance across many different borders.
  • Complex supply routes.
  • The pharma companies need for Big Data. In fact, this is now a factor for all companies in this sector.
  • Secure and cost-effective solutions that will give you a competitive advantage.
  • The enormous quality demands of the healthcare and pharma industry.
  • The pharmaceuticals industry need for long term product development.

Using external consultants who specialise in these specific areas will result in massive improvements. You can review our team of experts here.

Bisham Consulting has many years of experience providing healthcare and pharmaceutical consultancy across a wide range of projects.

healthcare and pharmaceutical consulting

Pharma consultancy and Expertise.

We have a very wide client base. This includes major pharmaceutical companies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, leading medical device suppliers, and medical diagnostics companies. We also help dental equipment suppliers, wholesalers, government health services, hospitals, associations and many regulatory bodies.

  • Supply chain ‘rapid diagnostic’ reviews. We use these to identify compliance gaps, shortcomings in delivering great service and cost-saving opportunities.
  • Outsourcing reviews and tendering programs. Here we review international freight, warehousing, domestic distribution and express services. We also pay particular attention to your service providers.
    So do they have the ability to meet quality assurance and product handling requirements? These are fundamental to your future success and profits.
  • Distribution centre network design. The key factors here are the location, the layout, and the quality of the automation. We also focus on operational improvement, meeting GDP standards, the regulatory quality requirements and storage temperature regimes.
  • International freight optimisation. This is an area that has a huge scope for improvement. Our analysis includes compliance in temperature control handling, forwarder and carrier performance. We look at overall reliability, the quality of reporting, and the levels of responsiveness to both events and business needs.
  • Procurement and inbound logistics strategy. Again the scope is vast and so too the potential to make savings and improvement. Our team look at sourcing options, trading terms and potential synergies in inbound freight flows. `
    In the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry quality assurance requirements are always a high priority. This is particularly so with special handling requirements like hazmat and temperature control.
  • Forecasting and inventory management assessment. This includes the replenishment processes, optimum stock-holding points and locations. Other areas where we can add value include inventory alignment and reduction programs. Again we pay particular regard to special handling and storage needs.
  • Hospital Logistics. Here we provide a wide range of expert services. This includes warehouse and store design and layout, equipment tendering and services sourcing. We also look at optimisation of inventory holding and product flows.

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Healthcare and pharmaceutical consultancy: Case Studies.

Pan European Distribution Centre: Move from National to Regional.

Migration from National to a Regional Distribution Centre for a leading pharmaceutical diagnostics manufacturer and supplier. The consultancy involved managing the project from concept design and project planning, through to DC property location and assessment. We provided expertise in layout design, handling, storage and WMS selection, implementation and startup.

European Distribution Centre: Operational efficiency review.

Operational assessment of an automated EDC for a leading global Medical Device supplier. The work included activity benchmarking and introduction of a new model for better manpower and workflow planning. Our advice led to a 30% increase in storage capacity and a massive 18% reduction in manpower costs.

Medical Campus: Central Warehouse Design and Delivery. 

Assessment of the operational requirements for a Central Warehouse. The work included all the storage and material handling options. We looked at the potential for automation, preparing technical specifications and assistance in sourcing.
We provided evaluation and design for a multi-temperature delivery flow. This was for all the products for onward delivery to hospitals and clinics. We also gave recommendations on transport scheduling and vehicle requirements.

Leading Health Organisation: Supply Chain Review.

Identification of best practices and operating procedures for the handling of perishable cargo and vaccines.

The organisation was focussed on delivery to developing countries. So the programme included identifying current trends and technological developments.

We were also asked to help with training needs and people development plans. Lessons from the food sector were also reviewed in compiling a report on key areas to address. Our focus was on priorities to achieve the fastest possible results.

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Logistics and Supply Chain Consultants: Experience you can trust

“Bisham used their experience & expertise to ensure we sourced the right partner and took a safe path through supply chain transformation, which ultimately allowed us to meet our strategic supply chain objectives”

Justin Porter, GM Finance & Operations 

Pioneer DJ Europe

“Brammer has worked with Bisham Consulting on a number of projects over the years. I have invariably been delighted with their approach and the quality of their output. Bisham Consulting has supported Brammer on new warehouse design and delivery, the implementation of warehouse systems, and facilitated the definition of supply chain strategy. All the members of the Bisham Consulting team that we have worked with, and continue to work with, are experienced and pragmatic. They are intellectually rigorous, but with a real-world approach to solving sometimes very complex problems.”

Nigel Trend, Director of Business Integration


Bert van den Berg, Service and Parts Development Director
Hiab USA Inc.

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