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We are Supply Chain and Logistics Consultants who have been in business for over 25 years and have a very successful track record and a high rate of repeat business.


The Automotive Sector with its global supply chains, high service-level requirements and the challenge of synchronising variable and volatile demand with supply; continues to provide a challenging balancing act. Indeed, the logistics challenge is increasing, driven by the need to introduce new models more rapidly, retain production flexibility, (to adapt to market changes), and deal with SKU proliferation, (caused by increased product customisation).

Bisham Consultants have a deep experience of the sector both in Inbound to Manufacturing logistics, (supporting Production) and the Aftermarket. This experience has been established from many years in operational management, solution design & supply chain consulting. Below are some of the activities we have been involved in;

  • In-plant linefeed solutions to design and plan new more efficient linefeed solutions involving part sequencing, kitting, sub-assembly, including lineside presentation and incorporating poka-yoke error proofing features.
  • Automation and mechanisation initiatives covering automatic storage and retrieval systems, (ASRSs), AGVs, deep storage shuttle systems and goods to man picking.
  • Logistics centre or DC design & layouts, sizing buildings, racking layouts & types, resource models and incorporating relevant key requirements in material flow capacity, storage density, safe working environment, operational costs, operational flexibility, stock rotation etc.
  • Business case preparation for supply chain change, covers all aspects of business case preparation, design and presentation of new solutions, financial projections, and capital requirements.
  • Project management of transformational change, establishing the programme’s workstream structure and organisation. Conducting risk assessments, creating and managing project plans, task/action and risk logs.
  • Network review and re-design, reviewing the effectiveness of the existing strategic network plan and accompanying tactical planning processes, operational management & control processes. Network re-designs are done using Bisham’s transport modelling toolset.
  • ‘Rapid Diagnostic’ operational reviews to identify process, productivity, non-conformance issues within logistics operations; also, to review the suitability of existing IT systems in delivering cost-efficient solutions.

Bisham have worked with a number of the major vehicle manufacturers and their first tier suppliers either directly or through their third party logistics partners, both in inbound and aftermarket supply chains.

automotive manufacturing
automotive manufacturing

Bisham’s consultants have conducted many optimisation projects in the UK, Europe, US and globally and within a range of market sectors. These projects have delivered the following benefits to our clients:

  • Optimised supply chains
    • Optimised for the service/cost trade-off determined by the business
    • Reduction in inefficiency and waste
    • Improved cost performance &/or service level delivery
  • Improved flexibility and responsiveness
    • Improved planning processes
    • Automation of processes through IT
    • Integration of operational processes & improved information sharing
  • Improved, (fact-based) decision-making
    • Supply chain models embedded in the business e.g. cost to serve
    • KPI suite to drive continuous improvement of supply chain performance
    • Ability to maintain optimisation level as business changes
      Improved cost visibility