Key factors when planning a mezzanine

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When planning to incorporate mezzanines into a warehouse design project there are several important factors to consider:-

  • There must be a workable grid (the space between the uprights supporting the mezzanine). The challenge is ensuring the floor of the building can take the weight. How wide the grid is will determine the load being put through the mezzanine columns. Engaging a mezzanine provider early on is critical to create the best solution for column loading and grid size.
  • The height between floors is the next key consideration, with 3m generally considered to be comfortable for workers. The ground floor may require additional clearance dependent on forklift requirements, all of which will determine floor depth and the number of levels installed.
  • When warehouses include robotic operations it is essential to ensure a suitable robot-ready floor surface is fitted, something robust enough to take the robots’ weight and hardwearing so that they will not gouge grooves into the floor.
  • Decking can be damaged if it is not protected in the time between the mezzanine being installed and project completion. Ideally choose a supplier with a decking solution that can be easily retrofitted when the build is almost complete.
  • Choose a mezzanine supplier with expertise and experienceSuppliers should be prequalified before selection, with references. Look for detailed experience and the right cultural fit.
  • Requirements often change therefore it is vital to work with a partner with the flexibility to deal with unforeseen changes to the brief.
  • Strong project management along with managing budgets and timescales is critical. Good communication with the logistics director and end client is very important.

Bisham has extensive experience in warehouse design and proven expertise in planning a mezzanine in many projects. See our services page for more information

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