Does your supply chain need to see a doctor?

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Does your supply chain need to see a doctor?

Looking back over the past 12 months, has your supply chain undergone any unexpected behavioural changes, seemed somewhat ‘under the weather’ or burst into periods of heightened activity? Unlike people, 100% of supply chains have caught Covid-19 and, for companies trading in or out of Great Britain, there is the added complication of the UK variant – Brexititus or, to give it its full medical name,Brexitilia supply chain interruptus!

The ideal time to give your supply chain a medical

With supply chains having been subjected to so much over the past year, as the path ahead becomes clearer and the dust from Brexit starts to settle, now could be the perfect time to get a health check for your supply chain.

The UK government has revealed its ‘roadmap’ to ease, in steps, the many restrictions imposed by the pandemic, with an end date of 21st June in sight. Of course, nothing is set in stone but – with the vaccine rolling out at pace – we are on the road to recovery. The picture across the EU is less clear, however, with vaccine distribution slower but other countries are also formulating their roadmaps out of lockdown.

The impact of Brexit is also clearer now, with cross-channel freight showing signs of recovery. Although January – the first month of the UK being outside of the EU single market – saw exports from the UK fall when compared to those of January 2020, cross-channel volume is now at a higher level than in the third quarter of 2020 (between 5 and 25% higher, depending on the market sector). The load rejection rate, which peaked in early January, has now stabilised, suggesting that companies have adapted to the new customs rules put in place on 1st January. Consumer behaviour following Brexit is becoming clearer too, as cross-border buying patterns respond to the implications of the UK’s departure from the EU on VAT rules and customs processes.

Ensuring your supply chain is fit for purpose

With all the challenges of the past 12 months we are now hopefully moving into a period of stability which, provides an opportunity to review the shape and fitness of your supply chain. If you have export markets, how do you service them? Do you perhaps need strategic stockholding in both the UK & the EU? Is it time to exit certain markets? Do you need to adopt a different supply model? In short, is the logistics network that you had in February 2020 appropriate for your business now?

Looking back to your pre-pandemic business, the plans you had in place were possibly unsuitable for how events have panned out. Or perhaps you had made strategic decisions but then delayed their implementation because of coronavirus and now it is time to dust them off. It could be that there were frustrations resulting from your supply chain that were overshadowed by issues thrown up by the pandemic, but now is the time to revisit them. Was your supply chain holding your business back? Did your management have sufficient control of it, to do what was required?

We can help

A health check of your logistics network can be carried out to answer any of these questions or concerns. It can be either a ‘quick look-see’ high-level review or a full and detailed assessment of your logistics network – covering DCs, transport, inventory and supporting IT.

Whether you’re facing issues such as inconsistent service levels, poor cost performance or inefficiency, or you are pondering opportunities to apply new technologies or processes (such as automation, or a new Warehouse Management System or Transport Management System), Bisham could help to get your supply chain in tip-top fitness for the challenges your business faces both today and tomorrow.

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