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Bisham Consulting is an independent supply chain consultancy delivering commercial, practical, operationally proven results for our clients in UK and Ireland, Pan-European and around the World.

Choose a service below to find out how we can add real value to your business.

Logistics and Supply Chain Consultants

Strategic assessment and design, accounting for costs, service objectives, return on investment and risk.

Network Design

Modelling supply chain networks to provide practical and deliverable recommendations in order to improve service and reduce costs.

Transport and Distribution Optimisation

Assessing transportation efficiency and effectiveness, nationally, regionally or globally across all transport models.

Warehouse and Automation Design

Analysing the cost, benefits and risks of automation, sourcing suppliers, managing tenders and project managing implementation.

3PL and 4PL Outsourcing

Outsourcing strategy evaluation, market assessment and management of the entire tender process from service specification, to selection and contract award.

Project Management and Implementation

Project management; from concept design and planning, through to resourcing, set up and management to steady state.

Supply Chain Procurement

We evaluate your procurement strategies, processes, and models. This brings benefits through supply re-engineering and maximising your contract value.

Inventory Management and Demand Planning

As the cost of holding stock increases, and the need to provide exceptional service levels becomes the norm, efficient demand planning and inventory management is key.

Supply Chain IT Applications

Systems sourcing, selection, development, and implementation. This means we improve your efficiency, reporting, and control. So you get more profit with less effort.

Our Expertise is Logistics and the Supply Chain

Our team of Consultants have a 30-year track record of successful projects. It was built on our previous experience in senior roles in the logistics industry, ranging from large multi-nationals through to SMEs. So this means we can add real value to your business.


  • Developed supply chain and network strategies for blue chip companies.
  • Customer demand-led high service level & cost effective logistics solutions.
  • Critical ability to translate high level strategy into operations that work.


  • Managed and developed warehousing and transport operations across europe.
  • The team has worked on hundreds of warehouse & network design solutions.
  • Operational expertise ensures our recommendations work.


  • Logistics and Transport Network Modelling - DPS-Logix, Paragon, CAST-Aurora.
  • MHE engineering expertise to specify conventional & automated warehouses.
  • 2D and 3D CAD software for warehouse layouts & building design.
  • Virtual Reality layout demonstrations.


  • Profit responsible business experience in retail, wholesale and manufacturing.
  • Senior operations and commercial bid managers for major Third Party Logistics and Fourth Party Logistics.
  • Activity-based costing approach to Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

Bisham can provide the complete logistics and supply chain consultancy package.

Our extensive logistics and supply chain expertise mean we can help you through the entire optimisation process:

Sector Based Approach

Our consultants are experts in their own particular sector;

  • Automotive
  • Retail and Wholesale
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals
  • FMCG
  • Technology

Unique Business Model

Our business model is founded on strong principles of independence & neutrality. This is delivered through;

  • Shared ownership of the business by the staff, who are all encouraged to own shares
  • Strong ethical standards
  • No affiliations or loyalties to other commercial organisations

Global Experience

We have worked across the world on supply chain projects. This has been either in our own right or in collaboration with local independent consultancies.

  • UK & Europe
  • Asia & Australia
  • US & Central America
  • Design
  • Planning
  • Implementation
  • Continuous Improvement

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