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Transport Network Design and Optimisation


Whether you run your own transport network or subcontract to a third party the efficiency of the transport network technology delivering your products significantly affects your bottom line and service levels.

Bisham’s transport consultants are able to model your transport operations using the latest modelling software. Combining the results of the modelling and experience gained running some of the largest fleets in the country they can provide practical transport network design and optimistaion solutions for increasing service levels and reducing costs.

Bisham Consulting have undertaken projects in many areas of transportation, covering the following functional areas:-

  • Transport Strategy, (development & creation)
  • Regional or Country Network Design and Optimisation
  • Global Transportation Network Design
  • Transport Solutions; multi-modal, multi-channel, 4PL outsource
  • Fleet Management, (procurement, leasing and maintenance).
  • Implementation or Managing Change, (implementing new operations or closing out of old).
  • Transport Management Systems, (creating functional specifications & business requirements documentation).
  • Operational Assessment, (process audit/review and creating actionable insights)
  • Tender/RFQ/Management (Road/Ocean/Air/Express – Nationally/Regionally/Globally)
  • Transport Management Outsource (Freight Management/4PL/LLP or Lead Logistics Provider)
  • Contract Negotiation

 The key objectives for our clients within these transportation projects include:-


  • Cost saving delivery

    • Optimizing transport networks
    • Improving fleet utilization
    • Improving planning processes
    • Ensuring effective procurement of transport providers
    • Setting up collaborative frameworks to facilitate transport flow synergies
    • Creating an internal function that can deliver continuous improvement in transportation
  • Improving supply chain visibility

    • Shipment status updates
    • Cost visibility at shipment level
  • Improving responsiveness & flexibility

    • Process re-design
    • Organizational changes
  • Improving reliability & customer service levels

    • Performance management & KPI implementation


Projects include:

  • Petrol Station Convenience Stores – UK Transport and Warehouse Review
  • Wholesale Distribution Centre Network Review – Ireland
  • European Transport and Warehousing Cost to Serve Analysis
  • Global Metrology manufacturer – Global Transport Management Review
  • OEM Spare Parts – Multi mode global transport review and tender
  • Swedish Retailer – Domestic transport solutions
  • Automotive manufacturer – global inbound transport design and implementation
  • Grocery Retail – Inbound Food Transport Review
  • Justice Sector 3PL – Border Agency Transport Management Review
  • Food Retailing – Transport Trunking Network Review



Case Studies:

Brammer Industrial Industries

This Pan-European distributor of engineering spare parts was looking to reduce operating costs without impacting on customer service. The business carried over 150k SKUs in stock and bought in over 45% of its catalogue on a cross-dock basis. Its customer service proposition had to balance the costs of holding stock against a customer demand for time-critical spare parts. Urgent deliveries had to be made within 2 hours while the standard service was next day.

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