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Rapid Diagnostic Review

Bisham Consulting’s team of Logistics Consultants include a ‘Rapid Response’ team which offers a unique opportunity to identify the real issues in your operations by undertaking a supply chain review. By taking a holistic view of the warehouse processes: the operations, systems, management processes, etc., the gaps in the operation are highlighted in detail and high value solutions are provided in very short timescales.

Bisham’s ‘Rapid Response’ diagnostics technique will quickly establish the strengths, weaknesses and bottlenecks within any operation. Our approach needs very little time to set-up: just outline the brief and fix diary dates. We spend time with your management and operations teams right down to the shop floor to acquire a detailed understanding of the real ‘shop-floor’ issues that substantially affect performance and therefore profit. The team report back after 2 or 3 days of highly concentrated and continuous study across all shifts. The flexible scope of our approach and the range of expertise within Bisham means we can rapidly change direction to examine new issues that become apparent during the ‘Rapid Response’ investigation. The short fixed timescale provides a real focus and recommendations that are directly related to your operations.

Bisham’s ‘Rapid Response’ diagnostics has been proven to provide excellent value. Successful  implementations have been completed for many businesses including Argos, Marks and Spencer, B&Q, BP, Kӓrcher and Cert

The main elements of the supply chain review process

  • Kick off briefing session: get to know each other, assign tasks and a detailed briefing on the perceived problems
  • On-Site Operational Study: in teams collaborating directly with client management and shop floor
  • On-site Data Review: a review of performance: operating and cost metrics, review of IT interfaces
  • Detailed Team Investigation: emphasis on ‘team’
  • Identification of Key Issues
  • Recommendations before we leave site
  • Draft implementation plan (if required)
  • Short Fixed Timescales.

The focus on results that can be implemented now, with a plan of what can be done over a period of time, provides client management with an integrated approach to the answers needed; it allows them to get on with the task of meeting customer service requirements and better costs.

Here is an example of one of our supply chain review projects:

Sector  Retailing
Product Type(s)  Furniture and Accessories
Project Type  Importation and UK Supply Chain Review
Scale of Business  £100m sales; 2,000 TEUs
 Key Task 1 Map supply chain and costs: shipping, port handling, warehousing, transport, etc along the supply chain and benchmark
 Key Task 2 Develop inventory analysis model to determine target stock requirements at each node along the supply chain
 Key Task 3 Build a cost-to-serve model for the Import Supply Chain and calculate the cost impact on the Far East and the UK of different supply chain options
 Key Task 4 Develop value for money alternatives: possible consolidation centres, new UK warehouse, etc, and identify priority areas for action.
 Key Task 5 Establish a framework for future development priorities and an implementation plan and recommendations
 Results Identified 25% reduction in Distribution and importation costs, £0.5m operating cost savings, 15% working capital reduction, 20% increase in Customer Service and provided a practical implementation plan