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Outsourcing Strategy and Tender Process Management

The Bisham team has extensive experience in outsourcing strategy, evaluation and tender process management involving hundreds of procurement and logistics contracts as former Commercial and Operations Directors in major Third Party contractors.  As Logistics and Supply Chain Consultants, we now work increasingly for own account clients helping them secure pragmatic deals and effective results.

Outsourcing can transform a Company by providing expertise and resources in an area where the Company does not have the knowledge, capital or time to ‘do it themselves’. Every service and facility can be provided; the trick is to establish precisely what you need and to dovetail the additional management and resources into your Company almost as if it were your own department.

We offer a range of services from:-

  • outsourcing management strategy development
  • tender specifications, selection and evaluation
  • contract negotiations and implementation management

Tasks include:-

  • tender management process
  • data collection and validation
  • assisting the client’s lawyers with contract preparation and negotiation
  • evaluation of operating and capital costs and service performance (this is a critical element in the assessment process)
  • ensuring there is a cultural fit between the contractor and the client

Our practical experience of operating on both sides of industry eases the path to a workable outsourcing management solution.

Given you do not have the knowledge and often the time, Bisham with its wealth of expertise in Outsourcing can help you decide what you need (the Strategic Decision) and who might collaborate with you and provide the service (Knowledge of the Market Providers and the RFI (Request for Information) process). We then help you to structure the tender for the services, manage through the Procurement (ITT process) and then with you build and negotiate a workable contract. Such a process will drive the outcomes and behaviours you want.

Setting up outsourcing contracts that work requires focus on the vision and great attention to detail.

Bisham has Directors and Consultants with 30 years of experience in successfully establishing and implementing outsourcing contracts both as users and providers.

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Case Studies:

Weight Watchers, Dusseldorf

Weight Watchers supply both educational materials and foodstuffs to the German market through a number of self employed group leaders. The logistics operation is outsourced. The company decided to carry out a health check on the operation including benchmarking costs and service levels in general. The second stage was to obtain quotations from other service providers to provide a direct comparison with their own service provider. A number of Weight Watcher companies in Europe operate in-house and Germany required a comparison with an in-house option.

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Kärcher (UK) Ltd

Kärcher (UK) Ltd supplies a range of high pressure water cleaning equipment into the wholesale and retail markets. The products are mainly manufactured in Germany. It also supplies the garage forecourt car wash market with equipment and consumables. Kärcher’s UK warehouse was unable to store all the required stock and Bisham were asked to look at the warehouse storage productivity, the general productivity and complete a Health and Safety audit. The possibility of outsourcing the warehouse was to be evaluated and the consolidation of the outside stores was felt to be important.

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