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Implementation and Project Management

Businesses today face unprecedented challenges created by uncertain and volatile markets. The ongoing need to change and keep pace with fluctuating demands must be professionally managed, in order to mitigate the inherent risks in changing supply chains.

Bisham consulting is staffed by senior managers with operational experience in managing major transformational logistics projects. From the implementation of new distribution centres and the closure of old ones, to dedicated fleet operations, collaborative transport operations and global supply chains – our experience and approach ensures positive and predictable project outcomes and minimises risks to budget overspend and business continuity during the implementation of major logistics changes.

Bisham Consulting only makes recommendations that they would consider to be prepared for implementation. This simple philosophy demonstrates Bisham’s practical approach to providing solutions and reflects on the experience of our logistics consultants gained in senior positions within industry prior to joining Bisham.

Our experience extends from implementing small transport projects through to managing warehouse design and build projects. In addition to large physical change projects Bisham’s in house experience and skill includes implementation of projects and training for new processes and procedures, customer services, purchasing and all subsections of the supply chain.

Bisham’s in house models and procedures ensure that project management processes run smoothly and minimise cost and surprises.

Specific areas of involvement include:-

Proactive and hands on project management

Project Management Technical Support Role

Provide logistics expertise relevant to the planned logistics changes for example automation implementation, new IT, integration of acquired businesses.

Project Management Tools and Techniques

Creating project structure, governance regime, key project documentation e.g. charter, issues log, report format, roles and responsibilities etc

Project Risk Assessment

Proactive sharing of our experience of the key risk factors and how to manage them. We can facilitate a risk workshop across all stakeholders. Answering questions such as – Are timescales realistic? Are there sufficient resources allocated? Does everyone have the same view of the project? What happens if?

Approaches to mitigating change management risks

Consideration of strategies to overcome the change management risk, obtaining people buy-in for change, addressing concerns and appropriate levels of communication.

Facilitation of Project Reviews and Project Administration Tasks

Chairing project reviews, maintaining issues logs and project plans, chasing outstanding actions and compiling project progress reports.

Facilitation of Post Implementation ‘Lessons Learnt Workshops’

Learnings for your organization, what went well and what could be improved for next time