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Exhibitions and Events

Bisham Consulting has experience within both the indoor and outdoor events sector. Large scale shows such as the Crufts and UK Fashion weeks have had Bisham involvement in recent years. Add to this an extensive role in supporting major outdoor activity at the Open Golf Championship, Silverstone and Wimbledon show a varied level of expertise. Both in the supply of logistics services and hire equipment, Bisham Consultants have been called upon to deliver these critical services into large scale public environments.

Case Study: Exhibitions and Hire – Business Consolidation

The Project

To rationalise & consolidate two separate company operations following a management buy-out.


Following the management buy-out, the newly consolidated company had two versions of all its operational structures. This included people (T&C) warehouses, fleets and equipment. It was a major task to rationalise all these separate elements to form a new single company structure. The company decided to get some support externally, bringing together often difficult personal & business issues.


Working with HR & unions to review staff terms & conditions as several variations in pay for similar jobs. Writing & agreeing ‘new’ job descriptions and benchmarking salaries against industry standards. Then implementation of the findings through the workforce in 3 national regions, London, Midlands & Scotland. Operational review of the existing warehouses nationally, consolidating these down initially from 6 to 3. Secondary work on warehouse management systems was required to ensure that the remaining 3 sites all used the same system. Extensive work was done within the three remaining sites to efficiently utilise the square footage. This included building new racking and re organisation of the internal offices. Subsequently, a further reduction to 2 sites was achieved within an 18 month timeline. Similar issues were seen with fleet, and a major ‘fit for purpose’ review was done with not only a reduction in overall numbers of vehicles, but an uplift in utilisation due to more suitable and newer vehicles being acquired. Being a hire business also meant that there were a large amount of assets that were owned by both the previous operations. Major consolidation of stock levels was also required to ensure that matching hire equipment of a similar standard and type was achieved. This resulted in stock being balanced accordingly in line with future requirements and revenue was raised for new stock from the sale of old. As a consequence of the changes and improvements, the company was also able to move forward in new market areas such as outdoor events due to a better availability and coverage of the correct type of stock.

Outputs & Results

  •  A consolidated set of job descriptions with agreed terms & conditions
  • Reduction in headcount by 36%
  • Reduction in warehouse facilities from 6 to 2 over an 18 month period
  • Reduction in fleet numbers by 20%
  • Additional facility improvements through better space and fleet utilisation
  • Reduction of overall stock levels by 15%
  • Newer and more relevant stock profile
  • New business revenue stream through Outdoor Events