Logistics and Supply Chain Consultants

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Contract Support

Contract Support and Due Diligence

Bisham recognises the speed with which many of our clients need support when problems arise in operations; contract support problems include poor productivity, poor product availability, poor delivery timings, high stocks and high delivery costs. Our Rapid Diagnostics Methodologies are designed to drive to the route of the problems and provide pragmatic solutions that can be implemented.

In the same way we work with Private Equity companies to highlight the strength and weaknesses of the target supply chain and then design work programmes to improve productivity and reduce costs whilst raising customer service. That is after the deal has been struck. In the building of deals we help with the due diligence process highlighting the approaches to be taken once the company is bought enhancing the supply chain and maximise the return to the investors.

We find our clients may also need support when outsourced contracts are not delivering the benefits expected. We act as the independent supply chain auditors to help both parties resolve the workings of the supply chain for both their benefit.

Training: enhancing understanding and performance

We facilitate training from a position of strength. We have spent our working lives deconstructing supply chains, analysing and understanding the role that strategy, operations, systems and data play in the management of supply chains. Not least is the importance of personal and behavioural issues that people create.

Management of the supply chain requires the management of thousands of transactions, understanding how those decisions are affected by the role of Key Performance Indicators and the way that wrong or conflicting targets can create and reinforce the wrong decisions.

We have a very interactive style of sessions; we insist on active participation so these insights come hopefully as self-taught experiences. We enjoy working with groups of junior managers about the nuts and bolts of the supply chain, but also facilitate Board of Directors to understand the way their departments have to co-operate to maximise the benefits an integrated, well run supply chain can bring.