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Retail Supply to Convenience store—Food Service supply –Engineering parts, Personnel Protective Equipment and Tools

  • Maintaining strong grip on the Commercial realities of the Wholesale industry, whilst developing leading edge analytical and costing tools, ensures that the solutions are both directly relevant to the clients needs and achieve the optimum benefit yield from the process.
  • Wholesaling has a unique set of challenges that require an extremely flexible approach to the provision of logistics services—standard industry solutions are frequently not adequate– Bisham has direct experience in these markets and consequently knows how to avoid these pitfalls.
  • The analysis and control of costs between procurement and delivery is of paramount importance and Bisham have a successful record in these areas.


Case Studies:

Kidde Safety

A multinational manufacturer and distributor of safety equipment had outsourced its UK activities to a third party logistics company. Their concern was that UK distribution costs were significantly higher than in any other country. Bisham Consulting were asked to benchmark the activities with those of similar companies and to review the outsourced operation.

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Qualifications and Curriculum Authority

QCA is the guardian of standards in education and training, working with others to maintain and develop the school curriculum and to accredit and monitor qualifications in schools, colleges and work. As part of this service QCA makes available publications, which set down policy and guidance, to a variety of partners and customers including awarding bodies, schools, colleges, training providers, employers, professional associations, parents, school governors, etc. The current logistics operations were outsourced. The quality and cost of service were considered to leave scope for improvement and there was a failure to progress change at a satisfactory rate. It was therefore decided to give notice and put the logistics operation back out to tender.

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Hexel International

Hexel International are a specialist packaging company who work for leading supermarket groups providing a specialist packaging operation . This involves receiving a number of products which are packaged together for special marketing offers. The company has an impressive growth rate and is forecasting an increase of 200% over the next two years. The current logistics service provider was struggling to cope with current growth levels.

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Generac Power Products

Our Logistics Consultants were asked to lead a project to outsource all of the European logistics and component assembly, to identify possible third party operators, to draw up an ITT and assist in the final choice.

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