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Types of Transportation Planning Projects within the Supply Chain:-

Our Logistics Consultants have undertaken many transportation planning projects in logistics and supply chain, covering the following functional areas:-

  • Transport Strategy, (development and creation)
  • Regional or Country Network Design and Optimisation
  • Global Transportation Network Design
  • Transport Solutions; multi-modal, multi-channel, 4PL outsource
  • Fleet Management, (procurement, leasing and maintenance)
  • Implementation or Managing Change, (implementing new operations or closing out of old operations).
  • Transport Management Systems, (creating functional specifications and business requirements documentation).
  • Operational Assessment, (process audit, review and creating actionable insights)
  • Tender/RFQ/Management (Road/Ocean/Air/Express – Nationally/Regionally/Globally)
  • Transport Management Outsource (Freight Management/4PL/LLP or Lead Logistics Provider)
  • Contract Negotiation

The key objectives for our clients within these transportation planning projects include:-

  • Cost saving delivery

o   Optimizing transport networks

o   Improving fleet utilization

o   Improving planning processes

o   Ensuring effective procurement of transport providers

o   Setting up collaborative frameworks to facilitate transport flow synergies

o   Creating an internal function that can deliver continuous improvement in transportation

  • Improving supply chain visibility

o   Shipment status updates

o   Cost visibility at shipment level

  • Improving responsiveness and flexibility

o   Process re-design

o   Organizational changes

  • Improving reliability and customer service levels

o   Performance management and key performance indicator (KPI)  implementation

Here are some examples of projects we have done:-

  • BP                                    Petrol Station Convenience Stores – UK Transport and Warehouse Review
  • Bunzl                              Wholesale Distribution Centre Network Review – UK and Ireland
  • Eisai                                European Transport and Warehousing Cost to Serve Analysis
  • Hexagon                        Global Metrology manufacturer – Global Transport Management Review
  • Hiab                                OEM Spare Parts – Multi mode global transport review and tender
  • ICA                                  Swedish Retailer – Domestic transport solutions
  • Marks & Spencer        Grocery Retail – Inbound Food Transport Review
  • Pont                                Packaging manufacturer – functional spec for transport management system
  • Serco                              Justice Sector 3PL – Border Agency Transport Management Review
  • Waitrose                       Food Retailing – Primary and secondary transport review

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Case Studies:

Brammer Industrial Industries

This Pan-European distributor of engineering spare parts was looking to reduce operating costs without impacting on customer service. The business carried over 150k SKUs in stock and bought in over 45% of its catalogue on a cross-dock basis. Its customer service proposition had to balance the costs of holding stock against a customer demand for time-critical spare parts. Urgent deliveries had to be made within 2 hours while the standard service was next day.

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