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Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

Bisham Consulting have successfully carried out a wide range of supply chain strategy projects in the healthcare field for many Pharmaceutical companies including Becton Dickinson (Belgium), Dalkia, Dentsply, Elekta Oncology, Eisai, Hoffmann-La Roche (Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Singapore), In-Health, Janssen Cilag, J & J (USA, Europe and Africa), NHS, Novartis, Ransom Pharmaceuticals and Sterience.

We have considerable experience in pharmaceutical storage and distribution including an in-depth knowledge of regulatory requirements. Bisham has also worked with the European Diagnostic Manufacturers Association on benchmarking activities and has vast experience of hospital healthcare operations including Berkshire Royal Hospital, Christies Manchester, Derby Royal infirmary, QAH Portsmouth.

Some of the activities that the Healthcare team has carried out include:-

  • A strategic review on the optimum location for a European Distribution Centre to supply diagnostic reagents, consumables and spare parts to hospitals and clinics
  • Carried out a strategic review of spares parts supply chain strategy for a major diagnostics company
  • Carried out an operational review of a fully automated storage and retrieval based resulting in operational benefits
  • Reviewed and improved the overall processes for a diagnostics company in their Asia Pacific DC in Singapore
  • Carried out several cost efficiency reviews on spare parts operations in the healthcare industry
  • A review of the feasibility of setting up a Consolidation Centre for drip feeding medical supplies including pharmaceutical and CDs pre-sorted by ward
  • A review of the total European Supply Chain to reflect changes in manufacturing locations. The brief included a review not only of stock holding points but also inventory management including work in progress and late customisation of products
  • A review of storage facilities and capacities at a pharmaceutical manufacturer to cope with increases in throughput including improved layouts and ensuring that both onsite and external storage facilities meet MHRA requirements
  • Supply Chain review for the World Health Organisation/PATH

Case Studies:

Becton Dickinson

The client had set up a European Distribution Centre at Temse, near Antwerpen, and had installed a fully automated storage and retrieval system. The operation had failed to meet expectations in terms of cost reduction and the warehouse was full even though it was only operating at 60% of capacity.
Manpower costs had actually increased.

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Bomi is an international third party contractor specialising in the medical equipment market providing equipment and consumables to clinics and hospitals. The company had recently set up in the UK through acquisition and wanted to establish how to position the business in the UK market. An extensive market research programme was developed to examine market segmentation and to understand customer service needs. It also looked at future trends in the medical equipment market and provided an effective platform for business growth.

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Hoffmann – La Roche Diagnostics Division supply diagnostic instruments, diagnostics re-agents and consumables together with spare parts globally. In Europe, RDS operated 9 National Distribution Centres supported by a Central Warehouse in Switzerland. A number of the re-agents have a short shelf life, which results in high stock obsolescence and poor availability of slow movers. In addition to this stock levels were high being spread over a large number of locations. By centralising the operations into a single EDC it provided an opportunity to reduce stocks, improve stock availability, reduce obsolescence and provide a more cost effective service.

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