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Value Matters

It is hard to define value since, like beauty, it is generally in the eye of the beholder. What Bisham means by value in this context is that extra added something which comes from team insights which we have gained during our management and consulting careers. We pass on that added value and turn technical logistics and supply chain solutions into commercial ones which take a holistic view of our clients’ businesses.

Risk Management

The assessment and management of risk is an increasingly important consideration in supply chain management. Whether one is dealing with the subject of volatility in demand and uncertainty in supply or the consequences of change management programmes, a balanced judgement about risk is essential. Bisham’s experience helps client’s identify the priorities and take a measured response to risk.

Adapting to Change

Change gives us a chance to leapfrog the competition as well as reinvent our entire business models. Change is often constructive but it doesn’t come without its challenges. Chances are you see this every day but you also see the problems that change leaves in its wake. Bisham Consulting has been helping companies manage change for over twenty one years – and we know we can help you too. Call us today on 01628 487000 to see how we can help you.

We have started working with Bisham in 2010. From the first moment we met each other, we were talking business and understanding each other. These people are from the business, all Bisham members have years of experience and had similar challenges in their business life.
Working with Bisham was very efficient from the first moment and the solutions they have offered were effective. If I can work with Bisham (depending on the challenge and Bisham’s expertise on that area), I would not search any other consultant.

Haluk Ilkdemirci
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